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"Our founders outlined an ambitious program at a time when regional cooperation was still a new idea.  Although times and resources have changed, we still work to achieve our original purpose of improving the quality of life in our communities."  


Message from the Executive Director

For more than 50 years, NCNMEDD has led regional collaboration in north central New Mexico in transportation, community and economic development and has administered high-quality senior services throughout the state. As NCNMEDD's Executive Director, I plan to honor this history by strengthening relationships with local governments in the region and working proactively to achieve their priorities. I am honored to work with the communities of north central New Mexico and I look forward to working to building strong partnerships that will make the region a better place for us all.



NCNMEDD came about as a result of passage of the Public Works and Economic Development Act (Public Law 89-136) by the U.S. Congress in 1965.  This legislation permitted designated counties to form non-profit entities for the purpose of promoting the socioeconomic environment of its members. It also created the Economic Development Administration under the U. S. Department of Commerce.


The purpose of EDA is to provide a vehicle for the delivery of financial and technical assistance to economically depressed areas throughout the nation. Formed under the authority of the Joint Powers Agreement Act, Section 4-22-1 to 4-22-7, New Mexico State Statues Annotated, 1953 Compilation, funding from EDA for District programs began in September, 1967, and has been renewed each year. Counties and incorporated municipalities provide cash and in-kind funding, which provide matching for federal funds for program administration.

Board of Directors | Executive Committee

The governing body of NCNMEDD is the Board of Directors.  The Board is comprised of thirty-five members.  Membership to NCNMEDD's Board consists of:

  • Each County Commission will select one member of the Commission to be the official representative member of the Board. 

  • One elected official of the largest city within each county (by population).  This member (and alternate) may be selected by the governing body of the municipality and serve at its pleasure.

  • One member elected by the OEDP Committee.  In the absence of an OEDP Committee, the County Commission may select this representative.

  • Each County shall appoint a lay member determined by the three delegates listed above.

  • Three members, elected or named at large, shall represent the Indian population (one from Southern MIddle Rio Grande Pueblos, one from Northern Rio Grande Pueblos, and one from the Jicarilla Apache Tribe.


NCNMEDD has had strong leadership since its inception.  NCNMEDD's Board President, Jim Trujillo, plays a major role in regional economic development and economic policy issues.  


NCNMEDD's Executive Committee meets monthly, usually on the 2nd Friday of the month. 

NCNMEDD's Board of Directors meets quarterly.  You can see the tentative meeting dates for 2019 by visiting the link below. All dates are tentative and subject to change by each respective Board. Location and final meeting details will always be posted seventy-two (72) hours in advance of any meeting. 



NCNMEDD is staffed by professionals with expertise to support our communities with transportation planning, environmental programs, community planning and services, workforce development, and public safety programs. 

In addition, staff members support several administrative and agency-wide member services, such as accounting and finance, contracts and purchasing, human resources, information technology and facilities, communications and member government relations.



NCNMEDD is an association of local governments in the eight-county north central region.  Its members include the counties of Colfax, Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe and Taos.  Sandoval County remains a member, but is now attached for planning purposes to the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments. 


NCNMEDD brings together local governments to coordinate economic planning and transportation planning on a regional basis.  NCNMEDD provides a forum to foster communication and collaboration amongs its members in identifying and addressing these and other regional issues.

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