The origins of the North Central New Mexico Economic Development District (NCNMEDD) can be traced to the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965. This Act enabled the formation and designation of economic development districts like NCNMEDD, created the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) and provided grants, financial assistance, planning and coordination to alleviate unemployment and underemployment in economically distressed areas and regions.

With funding from EDA, NCNMEDD was formed in 1967 under the authority of the New Mexico Joint Powers Agreement Act. NCNMEDD’s Joint Powers Agreement establishes membership for counties and municipalities within an eight-county region. Each member pays annual dues to supplement and match federal funds. While NCNMEDD remains rooted in its core mission of economic development, it has grown to undertake other programs including regional transportation and the Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging.

"Our founders outlined an ambitious program at a time when regional cooperation was still a new idea.  Although times and resources have changed, we still work to achieve our original purpose of improving the quality of life in our communities."

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Message from Executive Director Monica Abeita

For more than 50 years, NCNMEDD has led regional collaboration in north central New Mexico in transportation, community and economic development and has administered high-quality senior services throughout the state. As NCNMEDD's Executive Director, I honor this history by strengthening relationships with local governments in the region and working proactively to achieve their priorities. I am honored to work with the communities of north central New Mexico and building strong partnerships that will make the region a better place for us all.