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Executive Committee

  • Ernesto Salazar, President

  • Thomas Garcia, Vice President

  • Stephanie Martinez, Secretary

  • Landon Newton, Treasurer

  • Joseph Sanchez, Member

  • Jim Hall, Member

  • Linda Calhoun, Member

  • Dora Dominguez, Member

Colfax County

Lori Chatterley

Brandy Dietz

Landon Newton

Bret Wier

Mora County

Eldie Cruz


Thomas Garcia

George Trujillo


Joseph "J. D."


Sandoval County

Dora Dominguez

Courtenay Eichhorst


Santa Fe County

Michael Garcia

Justin Greene

Stephanie Martinez 

Juan Torres

Los Alamos County

Melanee Hand

Jim Hall

Rio Arriba County

Christine Bustos

Alex M. Naranjo

Joseph Sanchez

John Ramon Vigil


San Miguel County

Phillip Martinez

David Romero

Ernesto Salazar

Max Trujillo


Taos County

Dan Barrone

AnJanette Brush

Linda Calhoun

Pascual Maestas


Northern Pueblos

Daniel Tafoya

The NCNMEDD Board of Directors is comprised of eight county delegations of four members each, plus three tribal representatives, for a total of thirty-five members. NCNMEDD’s Executive Committee includes a representative from each county delegation plus one tribal representative. Consistent with the NCNMEDD Joint Powers Agreement, Board membership consists of:

  • Each County Commission will select one member of the Commission to be the official representative member of the Board. 

  • One elected official of the largest city within each county (by population).  This member and alternate may be selected by the governing body of the municipality and serve at its pleasure.

  • One member elected by the OEDP Committee.  In the absence of an OEDP Committee, the County Commission may select this representative.

  • Each County shall appoint a lay member determined by the three delegates listed above.

  • Three members, elected or named at large, shall represent the Indian population (one from Southern Middle Rio Grande Pueblos, one from Northern Rio Grande Pueblos, and one from the Jicarilla Apache Tribe.

NCNMEDD's Executive Committee meets monthly, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month. NCNMEDD's Board of Directors meets at least quarterly. All dates are tentative and subject to change by each respective Board. Location and final meeting details will always be posted seventy-two (72) hours in advance of any meeting. 

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