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Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA)

The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) was created by the "Bipartisan Infrastructure Law" in November 2021 and represents what might be a once in a generation opportunity for communities and regions to invest in and improve the infrastructure they need to not only serve current needs, but also invest in a more promising future.

This approximately $1.2 Trillion investment nationally includes many parts and information on what is available and what organizations must do to apply will be coming out across several months. This page intends to capture these updates in a meaningful way and provide organizations in our region the information and other assistance they need to make the most of these opportunities. 

If you have questions about IIJA or have suggestions about resources we should include, please contact Eric Renz-Whitmore  by phone at (505) 716-5580 or by email.

Federal Information

The Biden administration has created a site for updates and information about IIJA and related content at We expect most up to date information from the federal government to be included or referenced there. 

Additionally, they have released an official guidebook as well as a Factsheet for mayors as well.  

Additional Guides & Assistance

"The Atlas for Cities" - a grass roots effort involving dozens of cities and municipal governments - has produced its own handbook where they take a more web-based and tactical approach to addressing the needs, particularly of smaller, more resource-strapped governments with narratives (and graphics) explaining the opportunities and some snapshots or case studies about how different towns are moving forward effectively.

For example, each page has an estimated reading time and tips oriented toward the people who'll be charged with writing the grants, opening the RFPs and performing the nitty gritty work that's involved. Find an example here: Tips for Maximizing Project Fundability & Financial Sustainability - The Atlas (

The "Accelerator for America" working with the US Conference of Mayors has published its own guidebook: IIJA Guide — Accelerator for America that includes "Six Strategies for Transformation using #IIJA Funds" and breaks out many key grants and programs in a digestible way with category, a top line funding number, Why it matters, Who Applies, whether a non-federal match is required and the timeline (along with number of $ installments).

Brookings has launched a new hub for IIJA that claims to provide "a Comprehensive guide to the infrastructure law" - and it might be the best yet for providing info and context around funding totals, which programs are new, and what's a bump or adjustment to existing programs.

One more resource that may be valuable for local leaders is the Legislative Analysis for Counties from the National Association  of Counties (NACo). A particularly useful section highlights "Major Provisions of Counties"  

Updates and additional information are becoming available each week and we plan to update this section regularly to highlight new information and resources for key sections of the IIJA funding. These sections are updated regularly!



These resources give a great overview of broadband in NM. For more information or to better understand funding for broadband in your area, see the USDA's broadband website.

The Atlas Guide has additional suggestions and guidance about planning for Water Infrastructure Projects, including when programs are likely to be funded and more.


The Atlas Guide also has additional suggestions and guidance about planning for Energy Infrastructure Projects, including case studies and info on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and support.