Meet Our VISTA Members


Las Vegas San Miguel Chamber of Commerce

Las Vegas, NM

​Pamela joined the Las Vegas San Miguel Chamber of Commerce where she will serve as their Communications Liaison.  She is a native and life-long resident of Las Vegas NM where she is currently partially retired.  She worked for 28 years as a Speech-Language Pathologist for both school districts in Las Vegas.  She will provide communicative support and contribute towards the development and coordination of the Las Vegas Chamber Leaders’ economic growth initiatives and endeavors for the community and surrounding area.  She will assist the Chamber to collaborate, advocate, and with outreach efforts, to create partnerships to sustain new businesses and jobs for low-income persons.  Additionally, she will assist the Chamber along with existing area businesses and chamber members to contribute towards and sustain a vibrant and prosperous economic community. 



Rio Arriba County

Espanola, NM

Evan is powering research toward Rio Arriba's Comprehensive plan. Through a better understanding of community history, land use, and geography, he is developing industry cluster profiles and helping to organize municipal economic development plans throughout the state. In addition to understanding the metrics of development for Rio Arriba, Evan also spends time reaching out to community members to invite and  engage  lower-income people to the community development process. 


Mora County Economic Development Corporation
Mora, NM

At MCEDC Community Development, Sara continues to develop and coordinate volunteer matching services for nonprofit organizations that need volunteer support to achieve their mission. By managing communication efforts in the community, Sara helps low-income individuals and other key groups, such as Veteran’s Affairs, commodity programs like Mora 4-H. These communication pathways also strengthen connections for the Mora Arts and Cultural Compound who have sponsored and assisted in coordinating many programs for youth and seniors.



Center for Community Innovation

Raton, NM

James carries out outreach and marketing intended to increase the involvement of low income persons in adult education classes including high school equivelancy preparation and testing, resume writing, and job interviewing. He also works with area employers to identify job training and education needed by employers, develop training materials. and help secure sponsors and funding to provide the job training local residents need to prepare for work in available local positions in real time.


NonMetro Area Agency on Aging
Santa Fe, NM

At NonMetro AAA Sally works to identify gaps in services and develop an action plan to transform the delivery of health, nutrition and transportation services to low income seniors throughout rural communities in New Mexico. 



Cibola County Economic Development Foundation
Grants, NM


Tanner is helping people find jobs by working with the SoloWorks program in Grants, NM.  He is active with Client Relationship Management (CRM), web development, marketing and outreach, training, community building, and program development activities.


Santa Fe County

Santa Fe, NM

Bridging the digital divide between the Internet “haves” and “havenots” is an essential goal in the fight against poverty. Nate works to insure that low-income people can access the Internet, creating empowerment with the ability to access distance education and medicine, on-line public information and services, and global technology-oriented employment opportunities. His work  to develop a strategic broadband plan guides expansion of broadband infrastructure and access to high speed internet for low-income residents throughout Santa Fe County.

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